Notes for Teachers and Students

A new instructional component is being added to this Web site that is aimed specifically at students and teachers. Links are provided below. Please read on for background information.

During the time that the Pompeii Forum Project has been available via the World Wide Web numerous students of all ages and from all over the world have contacted me about Pompeii. It is exciting and encouraging for my colleagues and me to see that so many people are interested in Pompeii in general and also in the work that we are doing there.

It is evident that many teachers around the world have discovered the power of Pompeii as a teaching instrument. Pompeii offers an excellent entrée to the ancient world because it is so compelling. On many levels it is easy to connect with Pompeii and to imagine oneself walking down a street, entering a house, or going to a shop. Moreover, the dramatic nature of its destruction captures universal attention. In any case, I am sure that teacher interest in Pompeii has a lot to do with the number student inquiries I receive.

However useful our main Web site might be for those wanting to learn about Pompeii, its purpose, when intially created, was not primarily instructional. Its focus is very specific and the information presented is often pitched more at Pompeianists than at students.

In order to develop a more instructional component to our Web site and to consider issues beyond those of the forum, I applied for and was awarded a University of Virginia fellowship specifically designed to promote exciting and innovative uses of technology in teaching.

This fellowship is offered through a program known as the Teaching+Technology Initiative (TTI) Fellowship Program.

Two links below will allow you to connect to a description of the TTI program itself and to my proposal for the 1997-98 academic year.

Work on this TTI project has begun. As components are completed I will make them available and will try to establish some means of receiving and efficiently processing any comments that you might send. Here are the URLs.

Teaching+Technology Initiative (TTI) Fellowship Program.

TTI Proposal for Pompeii.

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