NOTE FOR BEGINNING USERS: The following report consists of text, images, and architectural plans and reconstructions that are linked in a hypermedia environment. Links have been created to permit the user to move easily among the several media that comprise the report. The viewer can click on TEXT HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUE or on PHOTOGRAPHS OUTLINED IN BLUE in order to call up an image or jump to another document or section of a document. At the end of the INTRODUCTORY PAGE there is a link to the MAIN FORUM PLAN.

The MAIN FORUM PLAN contains seven red numbers that can be clicked on to take you to plans of the individual buildings. Also associated with the main forum plan is 1. A list that identifies the seven numbered buildings or junctures between buildings. The list also serves as a link to the individual buildings 2. A brief description of the numbering system and a link to a plan that displays the numbers.

PLANS OF INDIVIDUAL BUILDINGS contain camera icons that indicate the location from which photographs have been taken. By clicking on the camera icon the viewer can access the image.

Plans also contain arrows associated with walking stick-figures. Clicking on the arrow will take the viewer to the plan of the adjacent building.

Several areas have been outlined in a yellow dashed line. By clicking within the defined area the viewer will move to images and/or text that relate to the defined area.

The building that contains the most information is the Imperial Cult Building. Several links have been provided to allow the reader to move about within the discussion of the building and also to jump to related texts or images. There are passages in the discussion of the Imperial Cult Building where the reader will be required to refer to the numbered plan of the east side of the forum. Links to that plan have been provided. The reader may wish to leave the image open or to print a hard copy for reference. Please send a message if the use of the report is not clear or if you would find additional links helpful.

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